Thurdsay, 14 March

Afternoon I was slightly disorientated this morning but feeling a bit better after getting a few more hours of sleep. My skin was somewhat soothed, but still dry. Scaly, almost. But around my nose was a little oily, so that means my skin isn’t dehydrated? I don’t know. I probably needed to use a bit… Continue reading Thurdsay, 14 March

The Papaya Cleanse(r)

It seems a bit silly now, but a while back during a late-night Instagram escapade, the image of a beautiful, brown-skinned model with skin so perfect under a warm sunlight that I practically gasped, before zooming in for a better look like some kind of research scientist, caught my eye. I started on the caption… Continue reading The Papaya Cleanse(r)

Tuesday, 12 March

Why is it that Instagram is so addictive? I'm finding it difficult to pinpoint one other thing I spent the day doing - in-between showering, spending too much time staring at my pores in the mirror, and eventually going into work. It seems like that's what I'm always doing these days; scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, until… Continue reading Tuesday, 12 March